Google Ads Grant Management

Amplify your charity's impact with Google Ads Grant and our expertise

Discover how non-profits can access $10,000 per month through the Google Ads Grant program . Our marketing agency guides you through the application process, manages your campaigns, and helps diversify your income to amplify your charity's impact.

ecommerce digital marketing tips

Top tips for creating the best eCommerce experience

An eCommerce website allows you to build your brand, connect with more customers and sell products easily through the click of a button. We explain how to make sure your site is offering the best experience.

design a website with a great user experience

How to create a website with a great user experience

If your company’s website hasn’t quite taken off yet, it may be time to rethink your customer experience.   

Image of a healthcare icons and a finger pointing to a cross icon

Why are my high-value insurance products not converting?

Today, I had a question from a friend working for an insurance provider asking for help to understand why their online quote and buy process was struggling to convert online for their high-value products.

brand marketing design refresh kent sussex

The tell-tale signs your brand needs a refresh

A brand refresh is a great way to realign your changing business to maximise engagement with potential customers. We list our top reasons to shake up your style, that justify the one-off time and costs that come with a brand design overhaul. 

perfect number of email campaigns

What’s the secret balance for sending newsletters?

Every marketer wants the secret to the ‘perfect’ number of email campaigns they should send to their subscribers to get the best engagement - but not so much they start to switch off and unsubscribe!

Geo Locator landing pages

How geolocator pages can strengthen your SEO

If your website isn't ranking well for relevant online searches, geolocator pages could provide a vital SEO injection.

web design wireframe digital strategy sussex surrey kent

What is a website wireframe – and why do you need one?

When getting started on a website project, it’s easy to want to jump in head first. However, a website wireframe should always be part of your plan.

digital visitor to customer conversion web design kent

Converting your website visitors to customers

Getting your ideal audience to your website can be tricky, but converting them into customers is the next vital step.

creating web design brief digital marketing kent

Creating a brief for your web designer

Time for a new website? Whilst getting started might seem daunting, creating a brief is a great way to tell your web designer what you want.   

cost effective digital marketing sme business web design kent

Cost effective ideas to get you started with marketing your business

Marketing budgets saw a drop at the beginning of lockdown, but more people are seeing it as an investment, rather than a cost.  

business leadership preparing for lockdown easing SME kent

Preparing your business for the easing of lockdown

If you’re a business owner, times of change lie just ahead as the easing of restrictions allow business to (almost) carry on as usual.

website accessibility web design advice kent

5 ways to make your website accessible to all

When promoting your business, you want to be as inclusive as possible to keep all of your potential client base catered to. 

branding discovery process web logo design kent

Getting your brand recognised anywhere

There is huge value in getting your brand instantly recognised. Ever been hungry on a long drive and taken comfort in seeing McDonald’s golden arches pop up in the distance? 

avoiding burnout business leadership SME kent

How to avoid burnout as a business owner

How can you manage your business so you’re not burnt out when lockdown restrictions lift?

website design minimalist flat design elements

The rise of flat design and clean minimalist websites

Clean looking minimalist websites and simple interfaces are in increasingly high demand. When launching a new website what should you consider to achieve business success and what are the design trends that you need to consider?

user experience UX web design kent

Prioritising user experience in web design

Have you ever visited a website and felt confused or overwhelmed by how the content was organised? User experience in web design focuses on removing this problem.

paperless eco friendly digital communications earth day

The benefits of going digital and saving paper

How could going digital help our businesses be more eco-friendly?

dark mode design social media web theme

The pros and cons of dark mode – and when to use it in web design

Dark mode is a growing trend in web design. Here’s how you can bring dark mode UI into your own designs.

unhappy with web designer website

What to do if you’re unhappy with your web designer

Whether your business is big or small, just starting out, long-established, local or global, in this digital age, your website will inevitably be a crucial part of it.  So, what do you do when your relationship with your web designer turns sour?

website design aided by CMS support web hosting

CMS Support and web hosting live together in perfect harmony

Even if you have a beautiful website with great user experience, these two elements could cause its downfall

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