Build & Development

Delivering technical excellence you can build on

A website should not be static, it should be designed to be updated and changed as often as your business requires. It may have many additional features such as contact forms, e-Commerce and membership facilities. We build websites to the highest technical standards selecting the best content management system for your requirements. We develop bespoke features as required and implement integrations with a wide range of other platforms.

 Website Design and CMS

Part of our Discovery Process is to work out the right platform for your site, select the right team to deliver your vision and decide how to project manage to a successful completion.

Your site will need to be:

  • Responsive
  • Accessible
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to update
  • Secure & well maintained
  • Optimised

This can be done by our in-house team of experts or we can work with you to select the right partner and hold them accountable to our high standards throughout the process.

 Bespoke Development

We can work with you to define, design and build your ideal system if your ideal customer journey is not available in an off-the-shelf package.

Our team of experts has developed a framework that already contains all the common building blocks for your online application, such as content management, user logons and permissions management, eCommerce processes and integration with third-party systems. Whatever your business needs to succeed, we can build it. 

 Working with your existing website

It might be you do not need a new site but your existing solution can be updated and repurposed.

Our team has expertise in onboarding and maintaining existing sites, having worked with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Bespoke .Net and PHP applications.

We work with the best-in-class development operations systems to manage your code and its associated bugs and tasks.

 Third-Party Bespoke Software Support

If you are having a bespoke system developed by a third party that can no longer provide support, we have experience onboarding and supporting other people's code. Our team has a tried and tested process for stabilising problematic code, fixing legacy bugs and making ongoing amendments.

Trevor Spink

Trevor Spink

Managing Partner & Strategy Consultant

01273 761 583

"Each and every conversation should be an education."

Working with the team at Eonic was a real pleasure. Their design, insight and technical skills have produced a website better than I could have imagined.

Jeremy Philpot
Store and Insure