Are your dynamic ads working as well as they could?

Get best value from your advertising budget with dynamic ads

Did you know that it’s possible to buy ad space that adapts on the fly to the specific needs of the viewer? Dynamic ads let you target a specific audience, and then tempts them with specifically tailored content.

What are dynamic ads?

Dynamic ads are banners that change for each user to provide tailored content and promotions. They are also known as dynamic banners and dynamic creatives. Dynamic ads draw on behavioural data (that is information like location and browsing history) to automatically tailor content to the viewer. Clicking on the ad will take the viewer to the most appropriate landing page on your website.

Why use dynamic ads?

Dynamic ads are relevant to the individual viewer, and so they tend to give a better conversion rate. They may also represent a better return on investment. So you may be able to cut down your spend on advertising. They can be used to acquire new clients; and they can be used for re-marketing, too, for example, by reminding a customer about an uncompleted sale.

Are dynamic Google ads suitable for every type of business?

Some businesses get more benefit from dynamic ads than others. Google will not sell dynamic ads to certain industries, including adult, pharma and gambling. Dynamic ads work best with websites that are well optimised. Well-optimised websites have features that search engines ‘like’, such as good quality content, accessibility and responsiveness.

Dynamic ads are less useful for sites with mainly visual content, and for sites that require users to sign in. And if your website changes rapidly, dynamic ads are not recommended.

How do you decide what pages to link to in dynamic ads?

An SEO expert uses their judgement and experience to decide which landing pages are worth featuring in adverts. But with dynamic ads, you allow various algorithms to bid for key words. Other algorithms can automatically display the right headings, descriptions and landing pages to the desired audience.

Dynamic ads are a bit of a long game, as it takes Google’s algorithms a little while to work out what an SEO expert understands intuitively about a website. But it’s much cheaper to let the algos do the heavy lifting, so dynamic ads are a cheaper option. And Google is getting cleverer all the time.

How do I get started with dynamic ads?

You’re probably now wondering what you need to do to launch your dynamic ad campaign. We recommend checking out Google Support’s Your Guide to Google Ads, which will tell you everything you need to know, and explain the steps you need to take to optimise your website, target your ads and design them.

Or you can call on West Kent web developer Eonic and ask for advice about using dynamic ads as part of your marketing strategy. Our friendly creatives, marketing gurus and web design experts can help with every step of the process. As a digital agency we take a holistic approach to web design and we’ll put together a service package tailored to your organisation. Call 01982 534 044 or use our contact form.

Are your dynamic ads working as well as they could?
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