Corporate and Social Responsibility

Our Just Cause

Eonic is passionate about helping business owners achieve their goals and aims to educate and inform entrepreneurs how best they can succeed and grow.

We actively seek to work with businesses that are a force for good in the world. Eonic applauds owner-managers who have a passion, vision and creativity for delivering good that is often lost in larger businesses (when the focus becomes short-term shareholder profits) and proactively looks to support them.

Our consultants see themselves as mentors to business owners and will look to continually learn and develop their ability to add value.

Eonic seeks to promote high standards within the industry and continues to mentor and develop our team, bringing talented, motivated people into the sector.

We are building a long-term sustainable business. Our software and systems are built to evolve with clients’ needs and to be continuously updated, reducing unnecessary redevelopment and planned obsolescence. We will not tie clients into long contracts and our software is Open Source and free to use by anyone else in the industry.

Eonic will be open, straightforward and unselfish in sharing knowledge about succeeding online, seeking to level the playing field between small and big business.

Charitable Support

We support selected charities by working at cost and providing discounted rates for hosting and support.

We have a specific interest in.

  • Environmental Charities
  • Mental Health and Addiction
  • Arts and Music
  • Local Sports

Our Values

We recognise as individuals we hold a position of privilege in society, Trevor Spink the founder is a white, hetro, male brought up in a comfortable financially secure family.

We seek to be inclusive and to listen, understand and support the views of those with less privilege.

We reserve the right to refuse work with companies whose business practices are causing harm to the environment, individuals and society.

Examples of industries we will review are, the fossil fuel sector, plastic packaging, gambling, adult entertainment, payday loans etc. but this list is not exhaustive.

Mitigating factors may include businesses that are serious about transitioning to more sustainable practices.