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Web Design Consultancy

Getting to know you, getting to know your customers...


Embarking on Eonic's 'Discovery' consultancy process requires a substantial investment of time, but with good reason. It's proven over and over again to deliver significant results, as it helps you to truly understand your business from a customer perspective. This provides sharp focus on what's really important to succeed online.


Typically, Discovery entails...

  • 4 to 6 hours of your time in 1 hour sessions - usually weekly.
  • Conducting further research between meetings on the topics discussed, ensuring we have a deep understanding and add real insight.
  • Producing a detailed report of our findings that you can use to roll out an informed strategy across your business and to use as a reference point with other suppliers.
  • Being in a position to present a detailed proposal of our strategy for bringing results to your business. It's your blueprint for online success.

Discovery meetings will cover...


Understanding your business


We take time to understand your organisation, the services you offer and the benefit that brings to your customers. We will look at your strengths, weaknesses and the current risks to your business. The outcome from this session will be a series of documents that you will own to help you understand your business from a customer’s perspective.


Knowing your customers


We delve deep into understanding your customer. We create a 'Customer Persona', seeking to understand how your customers tick, who they are, where they hang out, who they listen to and what’s important to them. Sometimes, we consider a second customer persona  for a different market. We’ll create a detailed profile of your ‘ideal customer’, which helps us understand how to communicate with them.


Investigating your market


We'll explore your market sector, look at your key competitors and see what's working for them. We'll look at where you are positioned in the market and compare, branding, messaging, content, social media engagement and search positioning, before reporting our findings.


Strategy and goals


We will explore how your site visitors engage with you and the routes they take towards becoming a customer. We consider:

  • How they might first hear about you and your services
  • How you will build sufficient trust with them
  • The routes they might take to contact you and become a customer
  • From this we will be able to determine a coherent plan to deliver new customers to your business