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We work with customers to create and improve online shopping experiences, creating bespoke eCommerce processes and integrating a wide range of payment gateways.

We specialise in dealing with challenging eCommerce projects that require a more bespoke approach.

 Large eCommerce Sites

For sites with thousands of products, a business needs a bespoke system. If you are dealing with multiple product and stock feeds from a range of suppliers, you will have high-level SEO requirements while ensuring your products are indexed. You will need integration with third-party shopping platforms and integration with your back office accounting platform.

 Insurance Quote & Buy

We have delivered a large number of successful Quote & Buy websites, working with insurance company owners through to major acquisitions. You need the ability to manage question sets, rating and referral rulesets, as well as an easy-to-use online process to allow customers to purchase a complex product easily online and easily. We also provide full SEO services and managed pay-per-click campaigns to deliver new business and grow your book cost effectively.

 Event Booking and Ticket Creation

Providing ticketing for events is a specialist area. Small promoters often find themselves in the pocket of large ticketing websites that take a larger proportion of the ticket sales, significantly impacting their ability to break even.

We work with independent promotors to provide bespoke online ticketing, to ensure they are in full control of their digital presence.

We also work with high-value training and conference companies, providing the ability to take deposits and collect balancing payments for events and trips.

 Project successes

We have delivered many successful eCommerce projects, including:

  • Insurance Quote & Buy Systems
  • Event Booking and Ticket Creation
  • Taking Deposits and Balance Payments
  • Subscription Management and Online Training
  • Voucher-based Trading Platforms with Multiple Suppliers
  • Large eCommerce sites with complex stock management and multiple locations
  • Integration with backend accounting and stock management platforms.

We can work with your existing platform or look to create a brand new website.

It all starts with our expansive Discovery Process.

Dov Skipper

Dov Skipper

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