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Learning management

Knowledge is power...


Eonic's powerful learning management system is an advanced, content managed platform designed for businesses that run training courses for clients or within their company.


You live and learn...


There are lots of things to consider when it comes to opting for the right Learning Management System (LMS). One of the most prominent dilemmas when considering an LMS is the choice between cloud-based deployment and / or open source license. By design rather than good fortune, Eonic's happens to fulfill both of these criteria.

However, there are still many other things to consider. Pricing models, specifications, support, customer type and additional features necessarily need to be factored into the overall equation. Fortunately, we're experts in this area and we’ve got you covered. We can tailor our own CMS, ProteanCMS, complete with its many modules to meet you and your customer's requirements to the letter. Whether it's your first time with an LMS or you're looking to transition from your current Learning Management System, we're here to help.

Learning management, the Eonic way...

All of the results, questions, answers, and knowledge base are run through the same CMS you would use for the website, saving you time and making simpler the process of keeping your courses up-to-date. Features and functionality of the system includes:

  • Exam creation - Exams, quizzes, tests, and comprehension questions; we can create whatever you want. Choose how people will be tested, whether informally via quizzes or formally through exams.
  • Exam conditions - Our learning management system allows you to set stringent rules. You can impose time limits per question or exam, prohibit a user from opening other tabs or allow retests only after a set amount of time has elapsed.
  • Automated marking - Multiple choice exams can be automatically marked by the system. Users can then quickly and easily see which questions they got right and which they didn't. Linking to knowledge base articles can help improve their learning.
  • Competition - Encourage departments to do better by setting teams. You can use leader boards and league tables to encourage friendly competition between teams, departments or different companies.
  • Knowledge base - Create knowledge base articles for online training. Training courses aren't just about testing people, but also giving users access to the required information to improve their understanding of the subject matter.
  • Create subscriptions - Combine Eonic's powerful learning management platform with Eoniccart . Subscriptions can be created with numerous different packages, options and prices, all of which seamlessly integrates with your ProteanCMS site.

For training providers

Eonic's powerful learning management system is perfect for training companies. Our system is already being used in the pharmaceutical and construction industries, providing a cost effective solution that helps our customers gain and retain clients.

With Eonic's LMS you can create a powerful system that will enable you to provide a better service to your clients and a better experience for their staff. Our system will be tailored and built to your individual needs; just some of the benefits our flexible system provides are:

  • The ability to create branded login portals for your clients' staff
  • Set companies, departments and teams
  • Allow managers to see the results of staff members