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Integration and automation

Hands off the wheel...


We believe that simplicity is the key. Integrating your website with a back office system can make tedious tasks, such as accounting, simpler and faster. Get in touch to find out how we could make your life easier.


Driving an 'automatic' is so much easier than driving a 'manual'...


Whether your applications live within the same “cloud” as each other or not, achieving solid integrations between digital analytics tools, testing tools, data management platforms, customer relationship management systems and content management systems is often technically challenging. Fortunately, Eonic have the skills to help.

We are experts in identifying, designing and delivering data integration and automation processes. We minimise the risk and effort of manual processes and employ systems that provide reliable insight direct to your desk.

As an experienced automation software-solutions provider, we have a track record of delivering continuous improvements to client IT processes and optimising system performance through innovative software with numerous integration disciplines in a variety of applications. As ever, Eonic approach the provider-client relationship as a partnership, which allows our software engineers to design solutions that are cost-effective and yet also allow the provision of effective support for the entire life-cycle of your system.

Our depth of experience in specifying, designing and implementing automation / integration systems for a variety of sectors enables us to provide leadership and technical support for all phases of your project – from concept, through startup to completion. Our approach to projects of this nature always include:

  • Partnering with our clients to provide optimum system integration / automation design
  • Providing strong project management to stay on schedule and within budget
  • Offering open architecture solutions that allow for the addition of other networks, device interfaces and CMS solutions that dovetail together with corporate ERP systems – providing maximum visibility of business KPIs
  • Developing robust, resilient, secure and efficient automation solutions for all our customers

Eonic also offers technical consultancy across a wide range of projects including:

  • Fully managed services - We take full ownership of the process and delivery of your data back to you, giving you complete transparency of the storage, processing and accessing of your data backed-up with formalised SLAs and enterprise-level support
  • Cloud-based delivery - Cloud technology offers unparalleled scaleability which we harness to plan, design and deploy the tools your business needs to make data driven decisions.
  • In-house - Our qualified software engineers can sit with your in-house IT, risk and development teams to feed back our years of experience on data projects.

Our people bring an agile mindset and methodology to all of the data initiatives they work on. This ensures continuous delivery of value throughout the lifetime of the project to give you real insights and highly visible results. We're committed to a partnership with our clients and by so doing, as ever, your success is our success.