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PPC management and Google Ads

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With any Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, campaign, our first step is to understand your business and its goals. As part of our PPC management service we'll guide you through an initial brief, review any previous data, discuss your sector and understand the objectives to optimise your campaign.


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Why use Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC)?

Eonic almost exclusively use Google Ads (formerly Adwords), as they currently command around 90% of the search market. It's a very effective way of driving potential customers to your website and providing exactly what they're looking for. Through detailed analysis, we constantly strive towards lowering spend and increasing your return on investment (RoI).

What is PPC and how does it work?

PPC means that you pay a set amount every time your advert's clicked in Google. Google Ads allows us to set a maximum daily budget and once that's reached, the Ads campaign is automatically paused to ensure you never go over budget.


As with SEO campaigns, it's very important to carry out extensive keyword research to find out which areas your business can effectively compete within and which keywords provide the best conversions. This is where our monthly analysis and reporting comes into effect.

Ad groups

The keywords suggested in your initial report will often be split into groups. This allows us to target certain keywords to specific landing pages.

Ad text

The text in your advert should contain a striking headline to attract attention. This could be a special deal or contain exactly the words the user is searching for. Either way, it should gain the user's trust and signal a call-to-action (CTA).

It can be effective to pre-qualify the click. This is where we state the cost of the service or product to prevent any unnecessary clicks. Part of our service is to run pre-qualified and un-qualified Google Ads to test which produce the best conversions.

Ad positioning

Each keyword is assigned a cost-per-click, or CPC, which determines how high on the page your ads appear. Ads that appear at the bottom of the page due to a low CPC rarely get clicked on, so it's important that your Ads appear near the top. This can be costly in competitive niches, so we automate your campaign to run on certain days and times to maximise conversions and minimise costs.

Landing pages

The most effective way to increase conversions is to create specific landing pages to deliver exactly what your potential customers are searching for. Once you have a viewer on your landing page, it's crucial that every form of contact mechanism is made available to them.

Quality score

Google takes into account many factors when determining how high up the page your ad is delivered. Obviously, one of the main factors is the cost-per-click you are prepared to pay. However, just as important is how relevant your landing page is to your ad and your keywords. Eonic ensure a high quality score which, over time, saves money.


The bottom line is the conversions gained from Google Ads. A conversion could be a lead or an actual sale, depending on the website and the qualification criteria. Everything can be tracked, from which keyword triggered the ad to how much it cost to click. This enables us to provide you with an average cost-per-conversion and determine your optimum budget.